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Stress Management Techniques for Coaches

Being a coach of any sport is a position that comes with lots of responsibilities, plus the pressure to have successful seasons and performances. For that reason coaches live under too much stress, that can result in health problems and early retirement from the team. What can they do when it comes to stress management […]

Cramps: What Are They and How to Prevent Them

Soccer is a  low-risk sport. However, legs suffer the brunt of the impact during practice and games. One of soccer player’s most common ailments is cramps, especially in the calves, as these are instrumental for running and doing other specific movements required by the sport. Cramps make the muscles contract with spams, producing intense pain […]

How to Avoid Injuries on the Soccer Field

If you have made this sport a central part of your life, as a hobby or as your profession, you know that soccer, as well as other intense physical activities, involves certain risks, including injuries; this means that it is necessary to be well prepared and to take proper care of your body, giving the […]

Soccer Warm-Up Routine

The goal of a warm-up session is to develop a soccer player’s organic, muscular, nervous, and psychological functions to prepare them for the best possible performance. It is done before starting practice, and it is focused on increasing the work capacity gradually, progressively, and aerobically. It is recommended to include exercises for elasticity and mobility. […]

Basic Rules to Solve Conflicts in a Soccer Team

When conflict knocks on our door, we must be prepared to resolve it in the best possible way. In team sports such as soccer, confrontation or disparity between teammates is inevitable, so conflicts often arise for different reasons. Conflicts can go through several stages depending on the situation: it grows, develops, transforms, disappears, dissolves and […]

Intensity: The Key to a Good Soccer Team

The intensity in soccer has always been associated with skills that you apply to perform a given action at the level or degree of strength it needs. And while this sounds like a complicated affair, your coach knows what we are talking about. When people use the term “intensity” concerning soccer, it has to do […]

Humility in the Sports World

Being humble springs from self love, from making mistakes and using them to learn something new in every situation. The strength of a good leader lies in simplicity and being at peace with oneself. Humility is a quality that people need to achieve success, as it allows them to put themselves in other people’s shoes, […]