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What Is the Best Training Program for Your Child?

Sports help children develop both physically and mentally. Physical activity should be part of their everyday life because the benefits are myriad: it helps their psychomotor development and their social skills; it also teaches them to follow rules, to work as a team, to recognize the importance of personal effort, and to set goals. Plus, […]

Why Soccer Is Much More than a Sport

Soccer today is considered much more than a simple sport. Professional soccer has reached great dimensions and has a beneficial impact that goes beyond the sporting and economic results of its clubs. Soccer contributes to the development of personal values ​​and skills for children, and adolescents Sports are a constant source of learning; discipline, perseverance, […]

5 Reasons Why Soccer Is the Best Sport for Your Children

Sports are great for children, that is not up for debate. However, what most people do not know is why certain sports are better for their child than others and we cannot allow that! In the modern world, information is power. Do you want to know why soccer is the best sport for your child? […]